Our driveway and commercial sealcoating service consists of the same process:
+ Power Clean – Cleaning the surface is the most important step prior to sealcoating.  We use a combination of high power blowers, power brooms and wire brushes to remove all dirt and debris.  Cracks are cleaned of all dirt and vegetation.  Some driveways with excessive dirt build-up may need to be power washed before sealcoating. 
+ Treat Oil Spots – We use a special primer on oil spots to promote sealer adhesion.
+ Power Trimming – Trimmed edges allow the sealer to cover the entire asphalt surface and provides a manicured finish.
+ Hot Crack Filler – Commercial rubberized hot crack filler is heated to 375 degrees and applied to all cracks ¼ - ½ inch wide.  This product remains flexible allowing the material to expand and contract.  Due to varied weather conditions, cracks may re-open.  This is not a permanent solution and requires yearly annual inspection and touch up as needed.   
+ Detail Brush Application – Our attention to detail allows careful application of sealer with a detail brush to protect your adjoining hardscape surfaces from overspills or splashes.  Sealer is applied only to your asphalt surface.  
+ Sealcoating – We apply commercial grade sealer that is precisely mixed in our fully agitated 550-gallon tank.  This ensures a consistent and durable sealcoat product with silica sand, polymers, and hardeners providing a tough, durable, anti-skid surface.
+ Barricade Access - We barricade your driveway with banner tape for 24-48 hours.  

On the PLUS Side


Our Process

+ Owner/Operator – Direct onsite involvement by the owner ensures professional quality service each and every time.
+ One Stop Shopping – Sealcoating Plus completes all services required without additional contractors.
+ High Performance Equipment and Products – Professional Sealcoating equipment with power agitators ensures consistent and even product application.  We strive to provide the best available commercial grade formulas to meet and exceed customer needs.
+ Insurance – Sealcoating Plus carry large business liability policies and all of our equipment is fully insured.
+ No Hidden Charges – You only pay for quoted price.
+ Flexibility in Scheduling – We offer flexible scheduling to meet customer needs and no job is considered too small.